The Reasons Why You Should Take Public Transport

Public transportation is an attractive option for people who live in cities. For some people this is the only way they can get around! There are numerous benefits for public transportation, including lowering your carbon footprint and getting gas at a lower cost. Here are six reasons you should use public transportation more often. Clicking here to find out more about public transport right now.

It helps to save time.

It's impossible to avoid traffic congestion and time wasting when you're driving around in a car. You will need to park your car in order to take you to school or to work. It can be a challenge dependent on where you live. Your commute will be shorter when you travel by bus or train. It starts when your departure time is set. Homepage  to find out more about public transport right now.

On average, car drivers spend 39 hours per year stuck in traffic. People who use public transportation only get to spend 30 hours. It is even more efficient if you reside near a train station which has parking available at the station. This allows you to have more sleep on days off.

Transit passengers have longer hours than those stuck in traffic.

You'll feel healthier

Public transportation is also better for your health. In the US, car emissions of greenhouse gases contribute to around 57,000 deaths annually.

Even if you live next to an airport or train stop and walk there all day, research has shown that people who use public transportation exercise more than those who take a car to school or work.

People who take public transit are 40% less at risk of being overweight compared with car drivers.

You'll be able to save money.

You can save money if you take public transport. American households pay around $1500 annually on their automobiles and that's not including gas and insurance.

Even though it costs slightly more to purchase an unlimited monthly pass with your local public transportation however, it's less than the cost of driving a car every week. This could easily exceed $100.

A person who uses public transportation to save $800 per annum when compared to owning a car regardless of whether they are shifting from driving to public transportation.

You can meet other riders

It's easy to meet other passengers on public transportation. Since you're traveling with others, it's easy to strike up a conversation- which is great for your mental health!

Socializing while taking trains or buses can lead to new friendships and help combat feelings of isolation which are typical in cities where people live close together but don't know each other.

Many people find riding public transport a way to relieve stress and to connect with their fellow commuters. Half the chance of depression is shared by public transportation passengers than car drivers.

Your car will last longer

If you travel by public transport then you'll be able to shield your car from corrosion and other damage that can shorten its life span.

While it may appear as if you're driving an unclean vehicle, research have found that salt water can cause rapid rusting of cars' undercarriages, particularly in the case of small scratches or nicks.

Anyone who decides to take public transportation instead of driving can save on average $2200 per year in depreciation-related repairs to their vehicles.

It reduces traffic congestion

Transit services reduce pollution and congestion. For every person who switches from driving to using the train or bus, it's estimated that about 40 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are cut.

On average, car drivers are spending 39 hours each year stuck in traffic. However, this problem is not only a problem for drivers as it affects all who is on roads that are jammed every day.

People who change from driving to taking public transport will save approximately $1300 annually in vehicle maintenance costs.

The public transport users have more time than drivers, which means they are less likely to spend hours in traffic.

Final Notes

Public transportation can be a great way for you to cut costs, be healthier, and keep your car free from traffic and corrosion.

Public transportation is an excellent option since you don't have to worry about parking and getting stuck in traffic congestion. 

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